David Rowlands: Military Artist
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David Rowlands at work

COMMISSIONING A PAINTING is an exciting and rewarding experience - but it need not be daunting. The links below outline the process of commissioning a painting through to its collection and the sale of prints.

David Rowlands has produced over 150 oil paintings since 1983 and has captured the essence of military units from 22 SAS to the RAF Regiment; he has also been honoured to paint a number of historical scenes from Waterloo to the Battle of Mons. David's paintings involve a huge amount of research into uniforms, equipment, tactics and whenever possible, a visit to the battlefield or to the unit on operations. He has accumulated over 100 days of operational experience from Northern Ireland ('80s & '90s), Gulf ('91), Bosnia ('93 & '95), Kosovo ('99) and more recently Afghanistan and Iraq. Where possible he likes to interview veterans and servng soldiers to gain an insight into their experiences and recollections - this first hand experience helps to create a painting of a past event which is as accurate as possible. The following pages describe the process of commissioning a painting by David Rowlands in more detail.

  • Introduction
  • Commissioning a painting - what's next?
  • How does David produce an oil painting?
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    David Rowlands in his studio