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Casualties arriving at the 'Role 3 Hospital', Camp Bastion   Casualties arriving at the 'Role 3 Hospital', Camp Bastion

Casualties being transferred from a Chinook helicopter to an ambulance at the 'Role 3 Hospital' in Camp Bastion. The helicopter landing site was codenamed Nightingale.

In Spring 2006, Camp Bastion was constructed as a central fortification to serve as a main British base for Operation HERRICK in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. The Medical Treatment Facility established here was originally under canvas, but throughout the campaign it developed into a major ‘Role 3 Hospital’ in which sick and injured combatants and civilians were treated. The 'Role 3 Hospital' in Camp Bastion out-performed all UK major trauma centres, with a survival rate of more than 98%.

Between June and December 2014, Operation HERRICK 20 was the final deployment of the British Armed Services in Helmand Province. During this period, 34 Field Hospital, commanded by Lt Colonel Jaish Mahan, served at Camp Bastion. At the end of the operation, Camp Bastion and its hospital were dismantled, the assets being returned back to the UK.

34 Field Hospital (based in Strensall, Yorkshire) is one of three regular Close Support Hospitals (CSH). It is routinely manned by a cadre staff and is augmented, on deployment, by clinical staff from the Joint Medical Command, and other areas of defence.

The painting was commissioned by 34 Field Hospital.

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Printed image size(s): B2 only (58 x 38 cm)

Owner: Royal Army Medical Corps

Price(s): £65